DEVAUX, FRONTENAC, CONTINENTAL : Information and items of interest for these automobile companies.

In 1930 DeVaux purchased the Durant Motors Corporation California plant in Oakland, California. William DeVaux a Durant executive in charge of Durant Motors California along with a partner, Elbert J. Hall, formed their own car company DeVaux-Hall Motors Corporation with plants in California and Grand Rapids, Michigan. DeVaux-Hall Motors was only in existance a short time until 1932. In Canada, Durant Motors of Canada based in Leaside, Toronto, Canada also ceased operation under the Durant name but continued to use various parts from the Durant line in their production of the Frontenac car. In 1932 Continental Motors who had been producing engines for Durant Motors started production of their own vehicle with leftover DeVaux parts. With the great depression in full swing, Continental also could not make a go of the production of the car and ceased production at the end of 1932 model year. This exhibit covers DeVaux, Frontenac and Continental automobiles.

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